Best Actor 2018 & Best Comic Actor 2015
Lavender Magazine
Best Actor and Best Supporting Actor Nominee from the Colorado Theater Guild Henry Awards 2019

Dustin Bronson explodes as the troubled's Dustin who really broke my heart in this one. Despite Denny's many bad choices, he's not an unsympathetic character, and that's largely due to Dustin's portrayal that makes you believe that he truly believes what he's doing is right and for the good of his family.

Jill Schafer, Broadway World 

Dustin Bronson A Steady Rain
Dustin Bronson A Steady Rain

Bronson’s Isaac is a restless figure, and the actor, in his tics and swerving, let’s us see into the character’s distemper.

Rohan Preston, Star Tribune

Dustin Bronson’s thoughtful portrayal of Isaac, a man who has arguably spent his entire life being collateral damage in someone else’s war.

Matthew Foster, Minnesota Playlist

Bronson makes Denny a train wreck from which you can’t look away, a live wire who seems to believe violence the ideal reaction to any situation and has convinced himself that soliciting bribes is the best way to “serve and protect” Chicago’s citizens. Yet Bronson suffuses him with so much humanity and charisma that he’s very hard to hate, even when he bullies, berates, cheats and flies off the handle.

Rob Hubbard, The Pioneer Press

Dustin Bronson HIR
Dustin Bronson Around the World in 80 Days

Judas is front and center in this narrative and Bronson shoulders the load admirably. (...) Bronson’s crumbling Judas is heartbreaking to watch.

Matthew A Everett, Twin Cities Daily Planet

Dustin and Katie lay their souls bare on stage and it's a beautiful thing.

Broadway World 

Dustin Bronson in a Jekyll/Hyde performance as both Gidget's sweet boyfriend and Mississippi's horribly abusive boyfriend.

Cherry and the Spoon

Dustin Bronson is wonderful as the leading man and adventurer, Phileas Fogg. He really is crucial in carrying the plot along and even with his stoic and methodical side, he shows such compassion and emotion.

Broadway World

Dustin Bronson Kingdom Undone